At Robbins hardwood we offer a variety of options when it comes to wood flooring finishes, below is a brief description of these options:

Waterborne epoxy coatings:

 Waterborne epoxy coatings are very durable and also contain low volatile organic compounds along with fast drying and curing times, these are the top coats that we most commonly use, a variety of stains and sealers can be used underneath these epoxy coatings to achieve many looks.

Hand rubbed or machine applied penetrating oil finish:

 Penetrating oil finish has a very clean matte sheen look when it's fully cured, there are many benefits including fast curing, 0 VOC (Rubio Oil Monocoat), only 1 coat is needed so jobs can be done quicker and this finish can also be touched up very easily. Being that this is a penetrating finish and not a top coat finish the density of the wood is more of a factor in the overall durability of the floors.

Oil based polyurethane:

 Oil based finish is a medium grade finish that takes a little longer to cure and harden, it is also has higher volatile organic compounds and stronger odor compared to most finishes, once cured it does provide adequate protection of wood floors but may require recoating sooner than other more quality finishes such as the epoxy coatings. This is a good budget friendly finish.

Why we don't use acid cure or "Swedish finish":

 These finishes used to be the standard of the wood flooring industry but in the last 10 years or so as the science and technology of modern waterborne epoxy coats (these are also technically swedish finishes) have progressed it seems that more and more contractors and homeowners have started to move away from these finishes due to their high toxicity and very strong and offensive odor that can linger in a home for upwards of 2 weeks. We at Robbins Hardwood have found that the Waterborne epoxy coatings offer comparable (if not better) durability than these highly toxic finishes, this being the case we do not use "Swedish finish".